Frigcorp Building Technologies is uniquely positioned in the outsourced maintenance management sector with a strategy focus on providing a full range of technical property maintenance services to save you time and money. Frigcorp views the ever increasing complexity and performance of technology as having the greatest impact on our customer and their tenants. As such Frigcorp have developed a unique solution to managing the full life cycle of a facility. This ‘Frigcorp Asset Lifecycle’ provides Frigcorp’s customers with a ‘one stop shop’ for all Technical Property Maintenance needs, allowing our customers to be free to focus on their core business having certainty of the performance of their assets.

The Frigcorp Asset Lifecycle encompasses:

• Access Control
• Security Management
• CCTV & Remote Monitoring
• Energy Management
• Air Conditioning – Design and Installation
• Climate Automation
• Environment Control

Maintenance of your assets is extremely important and therefore offered as part of the Frigcorp Asset Lifecycle service. A full maintenance schedule can be tailored to help protect your assets, whether it be a fully integrated access control system through the DSX, or bespoke systems such as CCTV or access control of doors or gates, Building Management Systems or Environmental Management.

Let Axess Control Systems team help to protect the ongoing lifespan and effective performance of your assets.

Our Axess Control Systems solutions provide real-time monitoring, administration and reporting on all events that occur within your property. Remote editing functionality allows you to instantly authorise, modify or cancel access privileges for any individual or group.

Your Axess Control System incorporates industry leading IT features ensuring that not only your people and property are secure but that hardware, software and data are fully protected. A record of every event is captured, stored and backed up on our hosted systems. Event and incident history files provide a complete audit trail and enable the generation of ad hoc or standard management reports.

As part of an Axess Control Systems Preventative Maintenance schedule, all of these systems, softwares and hardwares are checked, adjusted and updated as necessary to ensure your assets continue to deliver optimum performance and protection of your property.

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