Frigcorp integrated systems deliver powerful modular functionality.


Keep up to date with ever changing Building Technologies.


Our systems let you build an evolving integrated security environment.


Frigcorp Building Technologies is uniquely positioned in the outsourced maintenance management sector with a strategy focus on providing technical property maintenance services.

Australian based hosted security


Hosted Security services include online monitoring and management of access controls, intrusion detection systems, CCTV and Video Surveillance, security assessments and security audits, reporting and responding to emergencies.

Air conditioning design, maintenance and installation


Specialising in the design, installation and servicing of air conditioning units. All types of HVAC systems catered for, from small RAC (room air conditioning) wall split systems to fully ducted water cooled systems. We have service and maintenance plans for all sizes of locations to ensure your air conditioning and energy management need minimal repair and run at their optimum.

Managed building Key Control


In our opinion, key management is not about electronic key cabinets.
It is about your keys in the most efficient, secure and reliable way. Key control means that keys can be managed, tracked, recorded and stored with full accountability at a minimum of the traditional effort and physical management.

Security intrusion detection


Intrusion Detection is there to ensure that when an apparent intrusion is recognized, alarms are raised to notify staff and security so that relevant action can be taken. Decisions can be made on the appropriate response to apparent problems and provide evidence when investigating.

Video surveilance controlled by Axess control


CCTV and Video Surveillance solutions act as powerful deterrents to would be intruders as well as providing evidence when incidents have taken place. Remote DVR’s enable rapid location of specific recordings and immediate response. CCTV images can also be used to identify individuals involved in unacceptable actions.

Office energy management


Energy management includes planning and operation of energy-related production and consumption units. It is connected closely to environmental management and building automation. Excessive energy consumption in large buildings is often traced back to poor control of heating, ventilation, cooling and/or lighting systems. This is where our comprehensive integrated systems can supply the energy solution that you require.

Building Automation


Building Management System (BMS) or Building Automation System (BAS) is the computer networking of electronic devices designed to monitor and control the mechanical, security, fire and flood safety, lighting (especially emergency lighting), air conditioning, humidity control and ventilation systems in a building.

Building environment management


Building Energy Management Systems (or BEMS) are computer-based systems that help to manage, control and monitor building technical services (HVAC, lighting etc.) and the energy consumption of devices used by the building. It enables Building Managers to provide the optimal working environment consistent with maintaining the required NABERS rating while minimising the costs to both landlords and tenants.

Air conditioning system design


The correct type and installation of commercial and domestic air conditioning and ventilation systems is paramount to the optimum performance and satisfaction level of the occupants. Trained technicians should always be sought to design and install systems that will cater to the individual customers needs in the most cost-efficient way.

"I would highly recommend Frigcorp Building Technologies to hospitality businesses and have complete trust in Dave, Rob and the Frigcorp team to “Get the job done” on budget and with respect to our needs."

− Pat Cullen, Pelathon Management Group