When engaged to look at the upgrade of the existing access control system at 11-13 Brookhollow¬†Ave, Baulkham Hills, the expert team from Frigcorp went to work on putting together the most efficient, robust and cost effective plan to ensure that the building and it’s tenants were securely protected.

With issues being encountered within the building, the Executive Committee needed to find a way to find those people responsible for damages occurring. The EC required visibility of all entry points to the building in order to gain footage of anyone that was to cause further damage to the building.

The existing access control system within the building was a stand-alone access only set-up on each of the entry doors to the building. The system was antiquated, cumbersome and relied on the installer to come to site for every programming request made. This meant lengthy delays when issues were encountered with the access readers or when access cards required to be reprogrammed.

The solution put forward to the EC by the Axess Control Systems team was to install the DSX System which would allow the building to become automated and would integrate with the CCTV system to be installed. The DSX system allows all access points to be monitored via remote access by EC members assigned access. The DSX system is remotely accessible to Axess to allow changes to be made to door opening and closing times, card programming etc, without a technician having to go to site. Further more, the DSX allows full reporting on all access activities, or specific access details as required. This means that should an individual be viewed entering the building and causing damage via the CCTV cameras, the access information for that person can be retrieved in order to identify the individual and redeem costs of damages caused by them.

A total of 9 access control readers were installed to all building and car park entry doors. 8 CCTV cameras were installed along with a 16Ch NVR, hard drive and monitor. The CCTV system is viewable by the assigned EC members via remote access on PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

With the DSX system and CCTV installed on site, the building has a robust security system that will allow the Executive Committee the ability to quickly and easily identify how, when and by whom damages have occurred and significantly increase their ability to re-coupe costs involved.

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