Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) technology

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a visual surveillance technology with the capability to monitor a variety of environments and activities. Security cameras work effectively to guard against stock loss and illegal entry and to deter theft and record break-ins. 

Our security surveillance systems are customised to suit your company’s specific needs and requirements. We provide and install security surveillance systems using the latest technology and can offer fully hosted security systems.

Integrated Surveillance

The primary purpose of CCTV and Video Surveillance is to ensure that a visual record is being taken which can be referenced in real time or later to improve the security and operations of a home, an office, or commercial premises. High quality images taken by the video surveillance system enable you or our monitoring centre to decide whether an incident is accidental or intentional, and take appropriate action.

CCTV and Video Surveillance solutions act as powerful deterrents to would be intruders as well as providing evidence when incidents have taken place. Remote DVR’s enable rapid location of specific recordings and immediate response. CCTV images can also be used to identify individuals involved in unacceptable actions.

Coupled with the Access Control system, CCTV and Video Surveillance act as major deterrents and reduce instances of criminal or anti-social behaviour and increase the likelihood of recouping costs when damage has occurred.

CCTV’s real strength

As such, the real strength in CCTV and Video Surveillance is recognised when working in tandem with the Access Control system. When the two are coupled, the ability to time stamp an incident captured on camera, means it can now be attributed to the person that gained access at that time. This means that finding the person responsible, or those who allowed them access, can be identified and the likelihood of recouping costs of damages increased exponentially.

CCTV’s real strength

When choosing a video surveillance system for your home or business security needs, it’s important to have access to the depth of knowledge that Frigcorp can provide. Frigcorp can help you to select the right video surveillance system, advise which CCTV cameras to use and where to install them for the greatest security.

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