Finally a flexible and affordable solution for efficient Key Management from Frigcorp Building Technologies.

Finally a flexible and affordable solution for efficient Key Management
from Frigcorp Building Technologies.

In our opinion, key management is not about electronic key cabinets.
It is about managing your keys in the most efficient, secure and reliable way.

The ‘Key’

The heart of our solutions is the unique key – an RFID enabled seal to which the keys are attached. This key is available in any colour or pair of colours and can be laser engraved with any text, logo or barcode. The key contains a standard Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID tag, in which information, such as a specific number, can be stored.


There are various frequencies available in the market today, but the latest technology is Ultra High Frequency, or UHF. The reason why we have chosen to use this standard technology is that the reading distance of the RFID tags is the best available, and that the technology supports so called multiple tag reading. In other words, this enables you to automatically read multiple sets of keys in one go! Apart from that, UHF (EPC Class 1 GEN2) has become the standard and the largest chip manufacturers worldwide are focusing their R&D on this frequency only.

RFID Technology

For Additional Flexibility If your application gets larger, you can add additional functionality to your KeyConductor, for example RFID technology. This enables random storage of the keys, as the system can automatically detect which key or set of keys is located where in the cabinet. The barcode and RFID version of the KeyConductor run with the same software application, so you can install a mix of both versions in multiple locations and Manage them from 1 central application with one central database!

Key Management Software

Frigcorp has a unique and modular software application that can be extended with branch specific modules, in order to fulfill all your branch-specific requirements. In other words, this is no “one size fits all” application where you always miss out on functionality that is specific to your business, but an application where you do not have to settle for less in terms of functionality. Of course, master data such as individual keys, sets of keys, users, etc. can be maintained in the standard application, and the registration of in- and outbound keys can also be maintained, independent of how you want to identify the sets of keys (manually, barcode scanning, RFID…). Additionally, full reporting is available, so you always have a full audit trail!

Electronic Key cabinets

Depending on the business case, there are customers who prefer to store their keys in an electronic cabinet, and for these cases we have developed a very flexible, scalable and affordable solution. The concept is easy: the system consists of so called “blades” of 12 key positions. First you choose a specific cabinet size (for a maximum of 2, 4, 8 or 16 “blades”); you then decide how many “blades” of 12 key positions you want to put into the cabinet. If the size of the cabinet allows, you can always add additional blades in the future!

The next step is to decide whether the system should be based on Barcode or on RFID technology. In order to collect the keys, the person logs into the system by means of the integrated keypad and display. The key(s) or set(s) of keys for which the person is authorised, lights up and is unlocked. Upon return, the person scans the barcode on the keyseal with the integrated barcode scanner and the slot in which the set of keys should be placed lights up. On insertion, the keyseal is locked immediately, which makes it impossible to remove or change the location of the keyseal afterwards.

The KeyConductor keeps a full audit trail of collected and returned keys, which can always be retrieved on the display, or which can be downloaded on a USB stick. Furthermore, the barcode version comes standard with a door and electronic lock.

Electronic Key cabinets

The cabinet can easily be mounted and only needs standard power. With the user friendly wizard, you can easily create master data such as users, keys and authorisations on your PC. Once finished, the configuration is saved on a USB stick which is then inserted in the KeyConductor and your key management system is ready for use! Of course the KeyConductor can also be equipped with a network interface. In that case, you can send the configuration file over the network to the KeyConductor, but you can also download the reports and audit trail from the unit through the network. Last but not least, also swipe card or proximity readers can be connected.

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