Comprehensive approach in establishing a Physical Security for our valued clients.

At Frigcorp Building Technologies, we take a comprehensive approach in establishing a Physical Security Program for our valued clients.

An Intrusion Detection System plays an integral role in a complete Access Control and Security Program. It is vital to detecting actual or attempted entry by authorized personnel into a secure area and triggering the appropriate response.

Importance Of Detection

The primary purpose of Intrusion Detection is to ensure that when an apparent intrusion is recognised alarms are raised to notify staff and security so that relevant action can be taken. In conjunction with CCTV, Access Control records and Motion Detection the intruder can often be identified and theft, litter, damage and personal assaults avoided.

Just as in access control, thorough initial assessments, as well as annual reviews, are key elements to installing, managing and evolving successful alarm systems. Technology is accelerating so new products and functionality will continue to improve security. In particular integration with Video Surveillance and Remote Monitoring will deliver a powerful solution.

 Importance Of Detection

When integrated with other systems such as Access Control and Video Surveillance, the effectiveness of the Intrusion Detection system is greatly enhanced. If and when the intrusion detection system detects an event, the video surveillance cameras are triggered to record at a higher frame rate to produce better quality videos. The threat level on the access control system can also be raised, automatically locking doors that had been scheduled to be unlocked thereby limiting an intruder’s access.

The emergence of leased, web based hosted software is making powerful solutions cost effective for even smallest locations.

Building security Intrusion Dection on mobile platforms