Frigcorp integrated security systems deliver powerful modular functionality.

Frigcorp integrated security systems deliver powerful modular functionality.

The Frigcorp Hosted Security centre ensures all of our clients can expand their security solutions without the worry of running additional software and the additional financial investment. The key is that they all run through the same system, not their own individual systems, which allows you to have a fully integrated security solution that allows for better accountability and recuperation of costs for damage or stolen property.

Building Security

Our Access Control solutions provide real time monitoring, administration and reporting on all events that occur within your property. The DSX system gives you security in having certain privileges assigned to certain people, as well as complete tracking facilities for those in the access list. This allows for immediate identification of all movements in and out of a building at any time. If an event is suspicious the system will automatically deliver warnings via email or text to specified people. Remote editing functionality from desktop, laptop, iPad or iPhone, allows you to instantly authorise, modify or cancel access privileges for any individual or group.

CCTV and Video Surveillance solutions act as powerful deterrents to would be intruders as well as providing evidence when incidents have taken place. Remote DVR’s enable rapid location of specific recordings and immediate response.

The real strength in CCTV and Video Surveillance is recognised when working in tandem with the Access Control system. When the two are coupled, the ability to time stamp an incident captured on camera, means it can now be attributed to the person that gained access at that time. This means that finding the person responsible, or those who allowed them access, can be identified and the likelihood of recouping costs of damages increased exponentially.

Intrusion Detection solutions allow for decisions to be made on the appropriate response to apparent problems and provide evidence when investigating.

System Security

Your hosted Security system incorporates industry leading IT features ensuring that not only your people and property are secure but that hardware, software and data are fully protected.
A record of every event is captured, stored and backed up on our hosted systems. Event and incident history files provide a complete audit trail and enable the generation of ad hoc or standard management reports.

System Service

Frigcorp is on duty around the clock and will facilitate the servicing, administration and management of the entire system 24 hours a day. Frigcorp’s highly trained experts will become the backbone of your security network, acting as its central nervous system. Our staff will contact you in the event of any alarms or incidents. This may be by phone or through emails and texts to nominated personnel.

Of course you can call us anytime if you have any questions or issues that need to be addressed.

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