Comprehensive solutions in all aspects of energy management for all sizes

Frigcorp Building Technologies are professionals who design, install and maintain comprehensive solutions in all aspects of energy management for all sizes of location.

Frigcorp Building Technologies are specialists in systems integration in the building automation, energy management and access control market.

Saving Energy and Money

Excessive energy consumption in large buildings is often traced back to poor control of heating, ventilation, cooling and/or lighting systems. Hence, to increase energy efficiency in your venue, dynamic control of your building services to suit real-time conditions is essential. This is where Frigcorp Building Technologies comprehensive integrated systems can supply the energy solution that you require. Today, more than ever, effective energy management is a crucial element of business strategy. Not only does it deliver measurable energy costs but it also helps demonstrate a corporate social responsibility commitment. Frigcorp provides innovative and sustainable energy management services and solutions. We are committed to identifying technologically advanced solutions for the construction and management of buildings, as well as conservation of resources such as electricity and water.

We deliver products and services that significantly enhance the functional and financial performance of buildings. Our services cover air conditioning, lighting, water consumption and other energy consuming sources. We also focus on improving indoor air quality that directly impacts the health and safety of building occupants.


Building Energy Management Systems (or BEMS) are computer-based systems that help to manage, control and monitor building technical services (HVAC, lighting etc.) and the energy consumption of devices used by the building. They provide the information and the tools that building managers need both to understand the energy usage of their buildings and to control and improve their buildings’ energy performance.

Effective well utilised Building Energy Management Systems provide the core management tool required by building managers to ensure compliance with, and achievement of, Green Lease requirements, such as the target NABERS rating, monitoring of the Energy Management Plan (EMP), and reports for the Building Management Committee (BMC). It enables Building Managers to provide the optimal working environment consistent with maintaining the required NABERS rating while minimising the costs to both landlords and tenants. Effective BMS utilisation allows for optimal building performance by extending the operational life of equipment and systems through reducing loads and operating hours. Maintenance and capital costs are therefore reduced and less embedded energy is consumed through equipment replacement and upgrades.

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