Centralised networks which monitor and control the environment in commercial, industrial properties

Building Automation Systems (BAS) are centralised, interlinked, networks of hardware and software, which monitor and control the environment in commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities.

While managing various building systems, the automation system ensures the operational performance of the facility as well as the comfort and safety of building occupants.

Total Management System

Frigcorp Building Technologies is a comprehensive systems integration specialist in the building automation, energy management and access control market At Frigcorp we seek to add value to a client’s built environment by engineering, installing and servicing building automation systems that provide comfort and energy efficiency.

Building Management System (BMS) or Building Automation System (BAS) are both examples of a distributed control system – the computer networking of electronic devices designed to monitor and control the mechanical, security, fire and flood safety, lighting (especially emergency lighting), HVAC and humidity control and ventilation systems in a building.

Total Management System

BAS core functionality keeps building climate within a specified range, lights rooms based on an occupancy schedule, monitors performance and device failures in all systems, provides malfunction alarms (via typically email and/or text notifications) to building engineering/maintenance staff and contractors. BAS reduce building energy and maintenance costs compared to a non-controlled building. Typically they are financed through energy and insurance savings, and other savings associated with pre-emptive maintenance and quick detection of issues.

Cloud Based Management

Cloud Management is a major buzzword in IT circles. Allows users to remotely administer and manage their system through an internet browser. Building/Facilities managers and other users can access the features and functionality of their system from anywhere in the world, from any device with an internet connection. From a central location, the energy performance of each building in the wide geographic area, can be compared and continuously commissioned. Rather than a quarter or month to receive a bill, owners,

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