Businesses can realise many benefits through effective ongoing energy management. Implementation of the Building Automation System (BAS – also known as Building Management System or BMS) and processes can build business value by:

  • Reducing exposure to future energy price increases – Many Australian businesses are feeling the impact of rising energy costs. Energy efficiency improvements offset these costs, making energy-efficient organisations less vulnerable to future price increases. Energy efficiency improvements deliver ongoing financial benefits. The return on investment for these projects improves as energy prices increase.

  • Improved risk management – The business risks associated with rising energy prices and inefficient energy use include reputation damage, price volatility and operating cost risks, supply chain risks, energy security and climate change risk. Effective energy management is a core component of an effective risk management strategy.

  • Improving productivity – Businesses are increasingly recognising the link between energy performance and business productivity.  Improvements in energy productivity are often accompanied by improvements in the use of materials, water and other resources.

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions – For most businesses, managing their energy use is the way to minimise their greenhouse gas emissions. Improving energy productivity and exploring different sources of energy can dramatically reduce an organisation’s carbon footprint and associated costs.

  • Reducing maintenance costs and improving reliability – Energy efficiency actions can foresee problems before they occur and reduce the load and operating hours of machinery and equipment. This can improve production uptime, reduce labour and equipment costs, and extend the useful life of the asset.

  • Reputational benefits – Public perception is an important consideration for many companies. A responsible approach to energy management can demonstrate good corporate citizenship and attract investors.


The energy management cycle is a feature Frigcorp applies to all new BMS installations.  Progression and long term benefits will greet management teams in their long term direct and indirect savings by seeking out Frigcorp’s energy management plans.

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