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Frigcorp was formed (25) years ago as Frigair, with the objective of providing the highest quality of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Services to Commercial and Residential properties on the Eastern Seaboard (that’s why Frigcorp is pronounced Fridgcorp not Frigcorp!). As the years have gone by, the company has grown and its services have evolved with our customer’s requirements. This has seen an emphasis placed on the extension of services for total property protection with solutions designed to address Security, Remote Equipment Monitoring and Energy Management, which have become increasingly important issues for Property Managers and their Strata Management colleagues.

Frigcorp has grown to be a substantial player in the constructions and facilities management industry. Today it provides services to more than 1,000 facilities across Australia. It has an impressive list of client mandates, testimony to its service. Frigcorp Building Technologies is uniquely positioned in the outsourced maintenance management sector with a strategy focus on providing technical property maintenance services.

Frigcorp recognises that not all sites are the same or require the same system set-up. Through the experience of working with our many valued clients, we recognised the need to fully assess each customer’s need before any plans or implementations can be put into place. As such, Frigcorp provides a range of consultation services to assess the services that are required to best meet the individual client’s needs now and into the future.

The philosophy is to discuss and agree what the developers, owners, tenants and strata managers believe to be the best long-term strategies to protect and enhance the values of their investments. We are not interested in a quick fix! Once the objectives are defined, an evolving plan is put in place by our expert team to ensure that those objectives are accomplished.

We view the ever-increasing complexity and performance of technology as having the greatest impact on our customer and their tenants. As such Frigcorp have developed a unique solutions to managing the full life cycle of a facility. The ‘Frigcorp Asset Lifecycle’ provides Frigcorp’s customers with a ‘one stop shop’ for all Technical Property Maintenance needs, allowing our customers to be free to focus on their core business having certainty of the performance of their assets.

Frigcorp achieves this by ensuring:
  • The satisfaction of the tenant through an improved environment.
  • The risks associated with acquiring or owning an asset are identified and managed.
  • Essential services compliance.
  • The lifecycle cost, including that of operations is reduced.

Frigcorp is a privately owned and managed company that has enjoyed continual organic growth through the unique range of services and solutions that are offered to our clientele. Today, Frigcorp offer a ‘one stop shop’ for multi-service engineering and maintenance management of technical property services. The primary interface to the asset owner is the maintenance management layer coordinating various technical services. Our staff have extensive expertise in all facets of design, construction and servicing of Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Ventilation, Security and Building Management Systems.